K12Foodies Episode 35: Sensual Nutrition with Dr. Jim Painter, PhD, RD

The School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference is right around the corner, and we’re so excited to be in Atlanta for the “School Nutrition Event of the Year!” The event is jam-packed with fun and educational sessions, including one from today’s guest.


Dr. Jim Painter joins us for an exclusive sneak peek of his ANC Education Session, “Sensual Nutrition.” If you struggle with getting your students to try new foods and foods that are healthier, this is definitely the episode for you.

Dr. Painter has previously joined us to discuss his book “Let’s Eat Mindfully.” Click here to listen to that episode.

And he busted myths about heart disease from his latest research in “Finding the Truth in the Failed Theories of Heart Disease.” Click here to listen to that episode.

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