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New Features

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  • New! A new Kitchen Production Report has been created for Central Kitchens!  The report will be a listing of the recipes that contain a converted ingredient (an ingredient converted from a recipe) that the Kitchen produces from the School Daily Menus of the sites the selected kitchen serves.

Search and Filter By screen

  Create New Kitchen Production Record screen


Kitchen Production Report screen



Sample Report

  • New! A Happy Birthday message can now be displayed on Serving Screen 2.0 in Point of Sale and POS+!
    • The Enable Happy Birthday Pop-Up checkbox that was added to the POS: Administration: Site Setup screen must be checked to add the birthday pop-up to Serving Screen 2.0.
      • If the box is unchecked, ‘Happy Birthday’ will still display by the Student ID on the serving screen.
    • Then, on Serving Screen 2.0, a pop-up message will appear alerting the cashier of a student’s birthday.
      • This pop-up will appear after Allergens and Special Message if there are multiple messages.

Other Enhancements

Generic Export File Design and Generic Export

  • An Ohio custom export claim was created based on the SNP Site Claims Point of Sale (POS) File Specifications.  This export is called OH (SNP Claim) and has been added to the File Type dropdown list. 



Site Setup

  • A Vendor Only column was added to the Assign Items to Ordering Site screen when the Order Preference is set to Warehouse/Kitchen if Available or Warehouse/Kitchen for that site. 
    • This was added so Sites can order specific items directly from the vendor, regardless of availability in the Warehouse or Kitchen (i.e. Produce, Bread, Milk, etc.); currently, a WO was being created if the item is available in either the WH or Kitchen, but the Kitchen may need to keep that item in its Inventory to prepare an In-House recipe, and this new column will help prevent this scenario.
    • When processing orders, any item set as vendor only will automatically be assigned to a PO.


Physical Inventory Form

  • Order Access Items and Include Current On Hand have been added as options to the Filter By (formerly called ‘Show’) section. 
    • Order Access Items allows the customer to display only items the site(s) selected on the upper grid can order.
    • Include Current On Hand allows the customer to display what is currently on hand in the warehouse.



  • The Qty Per Unit field will not update if the item being imported already exists. If the Import has the Qty Per Unit field mapped, a message displays below the grid: ‘Qty Per Unit will only apply to new items’. 


  • A new app has been created for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad that allows users to receive inventory and create a physical with a device and sync the information to Meals Plus Desktop.
    • The customer’s district must have a license for Mobile Inventory for the Enable Mobile Inventory checkbox to be active in Administration: Control File.



Menu Costing

  • An Ingredient Cost option has been added to the report, which allows the customer to display the cost at the ingredient level.

Production Forecasting Report

  • If a Site has a Kitchen and a Warehouse assigned to it, the customer will now be able to pull the report for both Kitchen and Warehouse, regardless if they are not the Primary Warehouse or Kitchen.

Recipe Servings Report

  • A new report was added that allows the customer to create a report that displays recipes based on their popularity helping them determine if too much or too little of the recipes are being produced.
    • Only recipes from ‘Closed’ Production records will be listed on the report.
    • The report will pull every day the recipe was served for the site(s) selected.


Point of Sale


Community Eligibility Provision

  • The Void User will be set to ‘Service’ when Meals Plus voids transactions due to processing CEP.


Daily Deposit

  • To ensure that everything is correct with CEP counts, Meals Plus will now stop the customer from continuing their Daily Deposit if CEP has not been run for Breakfast and/or Lunch, and one or more of their sites, including Secondary Sites.
    • The message that displays will notify which Meal and Site that CEP needs to be run for before continuing.
    • If multiple Meals/Sites need CEP run, then multiple messages will display once the customer clicks OK. Each Meal and Site variation will have its own message.

Generic Export File Design and Generic Export

  • This utility has been added to Point of Sale so customers who do not have Accountability will now have access to it. Additionally, an Ohio custom export claim was created based on the SNP Site Claims Point of Sale (POS) File Specifications. This export is called OH (SNP Claim) and has been added to the File Type dropdown list.




Production Order Forecasting

  • This report now functions the same as it does in Menus.


Student Eligibility


New Application/Manage Application

  • If the customer is assigned to a User Group that has been given rights to change the Effective Date, the customer will be allowed to set an Effective Date that is prior to today’s date.
    • Effective date must be in the current Fiscal Year.
    • Effective date must be the same as or after the application date.
    • Customer must have rights to ‘Allow Past Effective Date’ in System Management: Security: User Group: Student Eligibility.
    • This process will not reprocess meals already served. That is still a separate process.
  • The application process has been updated for Extended Benefits.
    • Student Information Screen: A new Report as Extended Benefits checkbox has been added.
      • The checkbox only controls whether or not a student will be reported on the Extended Benefits Report. It will not affect their Categorical or DC status.
      • Benefits will still be extended automatically to all eligible students in the household. Exceptions are H/M/R, Head Start and Foster/KinGap.
    • Existing Application: the Report as Extended Benefits checkbox will be automatically checked on the screen if benefits were extended during processing.
      • DC apps that originate from DC Import will automatically be checked if benefits were extended to students that were not in the import file.
      • Applications that originate from only have one Case # that applies to the entire household, so the Report as Extended Benefits checkbox will not be checked.
    • New Application: when a new application is added in the application process, the student that is selected when a Case Type is added is not marked as Extended Benefits; other students on the application with no Case Type are ‘Extended’.
      • There can be multiple case numbers within one application, and students with their own Case #/Type are not ‘Extended’.
      • If an eligible student is added without a Case #/Type, it will be marked as ‘Extended’ based on the existing student’s Case #/Type.
      • If an exception (H/M/R, Head Start, etc.) is added without a Case #, it will not be ‘Extended’.
    • Modifying Application: when modifying an application, the customer can check or uncheck ‘Extended’ on any student.
      • The Report as Extended Benefits checkbox will be checked automatically when benefits are automatically extended when processing the application; the customer will not need to check it manually.
      • If the Report as Extended Benefits checkbox is checked manually on the screen, it will only be saved if the student does not have his or her own Case #, and there is another student with a Case # (or DC Case Type) on the application.
      • Unchecking the Report as Extended Benefits checkbox on the screen will remove the student from Extended Benefits Report, but their benefits will not be affected.


Extended Benefits Report

  • This report has been added. This is the same Extended Benefits Report that was previously in Student Eligibility; however, the last column is now labeled ‘Family #’ instead of ‘Name of SFA Staff Making Contact’.
    • Customer will need to have rights to the report in System Management: Security: User Group Setup: Student Eligibility: Reports.


Direct Certification/Exempt

  • The Extended Benefits process has been updated for the Direct Certification Import process.
    • When extending Direct Certified, Case # and Case Type, also set Extended Benefit as ‘Y’.
    • If an application has multiple students, and more than one of those students is in the Direct Certified file, the ‘Extended Benefit’ will not be set as ‘Y’ if the student has their own Case #.
      o If the student being imported as Direct Certified is currently marked ‘Extended Benefits’, Extended Benefit will be set as ‘N’, and apply their own Case #, unless it is an adverse change.

Time Clock


Time Sheet – Basic 

  • The original Time Sheet report has been added back to reports and is now called Time Sheet – Basic.
    • It has the same functionality as before, and the newer Time Sheet report still functions as it currently does.








Example Time Sheet – Basic report




Monthly Claim Report

  • The error occurring where a Daily Deposit was added with no Reimbursable Meals has been corrected.



Account Category Setup, Bid Group, Item Group, Storage Location

  • The error occurring when trying to add a line when a line does not already exist has been corrected.  




Production Report

  • An additional column was added within Column 14 titled (14b) Prepared Servings so prepared servings can be used as part of the calculations instead of Column (11) Total Planned Servings.
    • When the report is closed and Inventory Usage is updated, the value in Column (14b) Prepared Servings will be used instead of Column (11) Total Servings.
    • Recipe Servings Report will use the quantity from Column (14b) Prepared Servings (instead of Column (11) Total Servings minus the amount in Column (16) Leftovers to calculate the historical recipe servings.


Point of Sale


Daily Deposit

  • For CEP sites, Daily Deposit will use the same method as Serve CEP when calculating the Max Free field.

State Based Reports: Ohio: Site Claim Form

  • The error occurring where the zero-price ‘Paid Student Meals Served’ for Lunch and Breakfast was being omitted if ‘Non-Needy Worker’ item selected has been corrected.




Manual Sync

  • The ‘Object reference error’ occurring during the last few students of the district import has been corrected.

Student Eligibility


Verification Selection Summary Report

  • The Selection Summary Report will display the same value that is set in Configuration.



  • If an application was previously marked ‘Declined Benefits’ and a Notification Letter was already printed, no additional letters will print as long as the application remains ‘Declined Benefits’ and there are no changes to the application.


Direct Certification/Exempt

  • A warning message has been added for when an import file has the incorrect format for DOB.
    • The customer can either fix invalid Birth Dates, or skip the column (and remove any Confidence Rankings including it) if invalid data exists.

Import from


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