Meatless Monday with Meals Plus

Meatless Monday is an easy way to come together as a school community to help the planet, and promote healthy eating habits. Over the last 3 years, Meals Plus has collaborated with school cafeterias across the county, and compiled the most popular recipes, while still meeting USDA meal pattern regulations. Among these popular recipes are meat-free options that can be found in every free Customer compiled Cookbook in our White Paper Library.

Download a meatless recipe today!

The Bistro Egg Sandwich2015 Customer Cookbook

Pizza Soup – 2016 Customer Cookbook

Mushroom, Cheese and Black Bean Enchilada – 2017 Customer Cookbook



Meals Plus Help Desk Statistics: November 2017

Meals Plus continues to provide top-notch customer service – and fast!

Each month, Meals Plus generates random surveys after technical support calls to ensure our customers have the best support experience possible.

Here are the results of November 2017’s surveys, and some highlights from the month:

  • The average time to answer a support call was only 51 seconds.
  • The average talk time with a customer was only 10 minute and 27 seconds.

Thank you to the Meals Plus Team for their hard work and providing the best customer support in K-12 cafeteria software!

It’s a Wrap for National School Lunch Week

This week is National School Lunch Week!

For NSLW 2017, we are featuring recipes from our 2017 Meals Plus Customer Cookbook. This cookbook will feature 40+ delicious school meal recipes submitted by Meals Plus Customers, and school lunch recipes using USDA Foods. The cookbook will be available to download for everyone this Fall.

Today’s featured recipe is an Italian Wrap, submitted by Caldwell County Schools (NC).

6 lbs. + 10 oz. – Turkey breast, deli-style, regular & smoked, frozen
1 lb. + 10 oz. – Bologna, all meat stick
5 lbs. + 5 oz. – Ham, Turkey, commodity
4 each slice – Pepperoni, pork, beef
3 lbs. + 2 oz. – Cheese, American, sliced, yellow, commodity
100 each – Tortilla wrap 10”-2.0, whole grain


CCP: Wash hands (use proper techniques) and towel dry. (Repeat every 20 minutes.)

CCP: Clean and sanitize food preparation surfaces and utensils.

CCP: In Advance: Thaw Deli Turkey & Turkey Ham in cooler at 40°F or cooler in pans with holes to allow for water drainage.

  1. SHAVE turkey, ham, & bologna.
  2. Assemble wrap – – place 1/2 oz. cheese, meats (0.8 oz. Deli Turkey, 1/2 oz. bologna, 3/4 oz. Turkey Ham, & 0.32 oz. pepperoni) on the wrap.
  3. Roll wrap around ingredients.
  4. Roll again in the sandwich wrap paper.
  5. Cut in half diagonally – – do not cut all the way through. Open sandwich to display contents. CCP: Hold at 40°F or below for cold service.

Nutrients per serving:
Calories – 303
Chol (mg) – 48
Sodium (mg) – 949
Fiber (gm) – 3.00
Iron (mg) – 1.88
Calc (mg) – 157.71
Vit A (IU) – 156.0
Vit C (mg) – 4.8
Protein (gm) – 18.31
Carb (gm) – 30.06
Tot Fat (gm) – 11.73
Sat Fat (gm) – 4.87
Sugars (gm) – 3.1
Trans Fat (gm) – 0.000*

Where’s Graham? He Joined Staff Development Day!

Graham with Ashley Summers, Marketing Specialist (left), and Kathleen Moss, Field Supervisor (right), at Lexington High School, for their Food Service and Nutrition training.

Lexington County School District 1 (SC) Food Service and Nutrition employees enjoyed a week of training, and learning how they can better serve students and promote their school meal program. Congratulations to the schools that got “Grahamed” and received a plush Graham doll, for thinking of new and fun ways to market your child nutrition program in the cafeteria!

Meals Plus wants to help you increase participation in your cafeterias this year. You may have seen some of our resources in the past, including informational white papers and the annual Meals Plus Customer Cookbook. For the past two years, we have collected our customers’ most popular lunchroom recipes and compiled them into a complete child nutrition cookbook to share with our customers. Similarly, we now want to share ways to increase participation in your lunchrooms, and have created an encyclopedia of ways to promote your program. Download your free copy of “101 Ways to Increase Participation” today!

Meals Plus Help Desk Statistics: July 2017

“Back to School” season is here, and the Meals Plus Help Desk is ready to provide you the best customer service in child nutrition technology!

Each month, Meals Plus generates random surveys after technical support calls to ensure our customers have the best support experience possible.

Here are the results of July 2017’s surveys, and some highlights from the month:

  • The average time to answer a support call was only 13 seconds.
  • The average talk time with a customer was only 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

Thank you to the Meals Plus Team for their hard work and providing the best customer support in K-12 cafeteria software!

9 Ways Meals Plus Accountability Helps You Run a Trouble-Free Lunchroom

school-pos-softwareHello! Meals Plus Matt here, shining a spotlight on one of our programs that is proving instrumental in helping you at the end of the month: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Meals Plus Accountability can be a valuable tool to run a trouble-free lunchroom, including these nine helpful reports:

  • Meals Per Labor Hour: Helps to find whether schools are over-staffed or under-staffed.
  • Revenue Summary: See all your revenue for the month/day for the school/district.
  • Unclosed Days: Only closed days are used in the Reimbursement and Participation reports.
  • Reimbursement: How much to expect from your monthly reimbursement.
  • Non-Participating Students: Find out which students are not using the cafeteria.
  • Aging: Shows you how long have students owed money.
  • Edit Daily Deposit: Fix serving mistakes by directly editing the Daily Deposit.
  • Monthly Claim Form: Everything you need to help you claim.
  • Accuclaim Edit: Does lunch or breakfast exceed allowed maximum?

Don’t take my word for it! Hear what Kim Terry of River Road ISD  (TX) has to say:


I use [Meals Plus] Accountability; not every day, but every month when I submit my claim and as-needed for adjustments.  I can change attendance percentages for Accuclaim if I need to, correct deposit records to match bank statements and always check unclosed days to make sure we get our full reimbursement each month.  It is a great tool to use for compliance, and because we can correct bank deposits, our auditors love it when administrations records match ours!  I use the list reports in order each month to make sure we have all the records state requires and the reports our auditors want to see at the end of the year.  I export and save all the reports so we can save and send electronically when needed.  It is well worth it!

If you’d like to schedule a free demo on Meals Plus Accountability, Contact me today!



K12Foodies Ep 15: Marketing and Nutrition Education with Jama Stallings, SNS


Marketing and Nutrition Education. It’s something you hear about pretty often and the message is pretty much always the same: It’s something you should be doing and often. Create social media accounts and newsletters to promote your program. But once you create a Facebook page or a Twitter page or a newsletter, what are you going to talk about? What content are you going to create to market your program? That’s what today’s guest is going to share with us!

Jama Stallings, SNS is the School Nutrition Director at Franklin County Schools in Louisburg, NC. Her marketing and nutrition content is effective because its creative, mostly in part of how she maximizes the relationships she has with her internal and external partners. And follow her district on Facebook for inspiration on marketing your own school nutrition program!

K12Foodies is presented by Meals Plus, Superior Cafeteria Technology. Meals Plus is a complete front to back, Windows-based, web-enabled cafeteria technology system backed by the very best training and customer support in the business. Voted among District Administration’s Top 100 Products of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016 and HDI CSAT Elite 50 of 2015 and 2016 for top customer service. Click here for more information:

Where Did Extended Benefits Go?

Meals Plus recently removed the Extended Benefits application check box and Extended Benefits report from our Free & Reduced software, triggering many questions from our customers as to how they would now identify students who do not have a case number, or are not directly certified, but on the same application and receiving free meals.

Technically, what was referred to as Extended Benefits did not exist during the 2015-16 fiscal year. The July, 2015 edition of the Eligibility Manual for School Meals states that categorical eligibility and free benefits for all children in the household is given to every member of the household when SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR case numbers or identifiers are provided, either for a child or for any household member.

These changes were also reflected in the Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals, which now only includes a household case number (starting the 2015-2016 fiscal year). Case numbers are no longer assigned to an individual on an application.

As a result, benefits are no longer “extended” based on any one individual’s eligibility status. The Free & Reduced software applies the case number from the application to all students on the application.

We did not remove the designation until the end of this fiscal year so that reports could be run for students carried over from the previous year who were marked with the Extended Benefit designation in Meals Plus. Should you require the data as part of an audit, running the Master Roster by case number will show you those who were extended benefits as the result of another member being directly certified (case type “DC-EXT”) or another member having a case type on the application (case type “EB”). You can also run a Case Type Report for case type “ALL” and see the same results.