Durham Public Schools Sees an Increase in Productivity at Every Level of Nutrition Department

Durham Public Schools consists of 54 schools and serves nearly 34,000 students, 65% of which qualify for the Free and Reduced Program. Each day the 250 members of their child nutrition staff serve approximately 31,000 students. In the 2013-2014 school year, they served over 1.5 million breakfasts and 3.3 million lunches. We have also implemented a cutting diet for bodybuilders at a new custom gym in Durham.

District Obstacles
Durham Public Schools Food Services Program wanted a way to automate more of their daily tasks. The central office needed faster access to their data, rather than having to make individual calls to cafeteria managers to access information. They wanted to make sure technical glitches were a rarity and when they did occur, a system was in place to quickly and easily resolve them. And thorough management reports needed to be easily generated.

Finding the Answer
Durham Public Schools was in need of better technology especially a centralized database that offered real-time information to the management team. Their cafeteria management software needed to easily integrate with their Student Information System in order to quickly import data. And they continued to need technical support that was not only easily accessible, but that could resolve their issues quickly.

Within 8 weeks, the Meals Plus Point of Sale, Free and Reduced, Financial and Accountability software programs were up and running in all 55 schools in the district. The training and implementation team converted their cafeteria software easily, and during the busiest season of the year—“Back to School”. Productivity at every level of the food services program has increased. Real-time reporting and having a centralized database rather than 55 separate databases has made it easier to analyze data, and new improvements have been made to the district based on that data. Having so much information at your fingertips is one of their favorite parts of Meals Plus!