9 Ways Meals Plus Accountability Helps You Run a Trouble-Free Lunchroom

school-pos-softwareHello! Meals Plus Matt here, shining a spotlight on one of our programs that is proving instrumental in helping you at the end of the month: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Meals Plus Accountability can be a valuable tool to run a trouble-free lunchroom, including these nine helpful reports:

  • Meals Per Labor Hour: Helps to find whether schools are over-staffed or under-staffed.
  • Revenue Summary: See all your revenue for the month/day for the school/district.
  • Unclosed Days: Only closed days are used in the Reimbursement and Participation reports.
  • Reimbursement: How much to expect from your monthly reimbursement.
  • Non-Participating Students: Find out which students are not using the cafeteria.
  • Aging: Shows you how long have students owed money.
  • Edit Daily Deposit: Fix serving mistakes by directly editing the Daily Deposit.
  • Monthly Claim Form: Everything you need to help you claim.
  • Accuclaim Edit: Does lunch or breakfast exceed allowed maximum?

Don’t take my word for it! Hear what Kim Terry of River Road ISD  (TX) has to say:


I use [Meals Plus] Accountability; not every day, but every month when I submit my claim and as-needed for adjustments.  I can change attendance percentages for Accuclaim if I need to, correct deposit records to match bank statements and always check unclosed days to make sure we get our full reimbursement each month.  It is a great tool to use for compliance, and because we can correct bank deposits, our auditors love it when administrations records match ours!  I use the list reports in order each month to make sure we have all the records state requires and the reports our auditors want to see at the end of the year.  I export and save all the reports so we can save and send electronically when needed.  It is well worth it!

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Graham’s Best Practices: Accountability and Financial

Hi, I’m Graham! I’m Meals Plus. Nutrient analysis program

I want to make sure you get the most out of your school lunchroom software. So if you’re a Meals Plus Accountability or Financial customer, check out these “Best Practice” tips to help keep your lunchlines moving!

• The Non-Participating Students report is a great tool to see students currently not participating in Breakfast or Lunch.
• The Unclosed Dates report is a quick way to ensure all meals have been accounted for so claims are accurate.
• Closed Days for Point of Sale can be edited in the Daily Deposit section. Days can also be created and deleted here.

• Import Account Info before running any reports, especially after posting to the General Ledger, so activity is captured.
• The Performance Metrics report data contains expense to revenue, plate costs, participation, and meals per labor hour.
• The Point of Sale Account Codes under the Administration menu are used by the Revenue Summary in Accountability.


Ohio School District Sees Immediate Improvements in Multiple Areas with Meals Plus

Austintown Local School District consists of four schools—a high school, middle school, intermediate school, and elementary school in Austintown, OH. The district also has two alternate programs: Falcon Pride Online and Hope Academy. Altogether, the Austintown Local School District accommodates over 5,000 students.

District Obstacles
school meal softwareStephanie Pavlich, computer technician for the district’s food service department, listed off several issues her district was facing with their previous cafeteria management system. She explained that getting accurate information from reporting was “…a shot in the dark.” With one log in for all users, Stephanie said her system had no security settings and no accountability; this resulted in incorrect meal prices and inaccurate daily meal totals claimed. Their free and reduced applications were “…cumbersome and time consuming to enter manually. We needed extra labor hours at the beginning of every school year to hand enter the applications.” Stephanie also noted that customization of her system was non-existent, and management of the system was time-consuming and exhausting.

Finding the Answer
Austintown required a cafeteria management system with a centralized database that provided real-time access to all of their data from anywhere within the district. This system needed to eliminate inconsistencies on reports between the schools and the central office, and integrate their student information and point of sale system. They needed to simplify the free and reduced application process to avoid wasted man hours and they needed a system with the freedom of customization. Meals Plus provided all services necessary to Austintown Local and exceeded expectations in the process.

After a smooth transition into the Meals Plus cafeteria management system, Austintown Local enjoyed immediate results. When asked about the improvements since the switch, Pavlich said, “Wow, tons! Security, management, reporting, accountability, etc.” Austintown is now able to generate detailed, and more importantly, accurate reports. They were able to control access, and thus see sales by building, by cashier, and by item. Student history became complete and accurate allowing the district the ability to e-mail date and time stamped reports to parents for viewing. Thanks to Meals Plus’ smooth on-demand reporting, Austintown passed their first CRE review with flying colors. Additionally, free and reduced application season required no additional man hours for Austintown.Local_lunch_programs