Meals Plus Help Desk Statistics: January 2018

Meals Plus continues to provide top-notch customer service – and fast!

Each month, Meals Plus generates random surveys after technical support calls to ensure our customers have the best support experience possible.

Here are the results of January 2018’s surveys, and some highlights from the month:

  • The average time to answer a support call was only 14 seconds.
  • The average talk time with a customer was only 10 minutes and 8 seconds.

Thank you to the Meals Plus Team for their hard work and providing the best customer support in K-12 cafeteria software!

The Meals Plus Team Goes to #ANC17: “Developing a Customer Service-Oriented Team”

The Meals Plus Team got the most out of #ANC17 in Hotlanta last month by venturing outside of the Exhibit Hall! We each attended an Education Session to learn how we can help keep your lunchlines moving. This gave us a new appreciation for everything child nutrition professionals do to feed our nation’s children.

Ellen Bashore, Customer Service Director for Meals Plus, attended the “Developing a Customer Service-Oriented Team” Education Session and these were her favorite takeaways from the session:

  • Customer Service. School nutrition workers want to provide excellent customer service, and delight those they are serving. By identifying who their customers are, and then seeking to provide a high quality of service, this can be achieved.
  • Positive Answers. Ways to present answers in a positive manner were additionally discussed. Students are always asking for the “impossible” (“Can I have two cheeseburgers instead of vegetables?”) You can meet customer needs without saying no. Present options and education as to why it’s better to have an apple.
  • Employee Presentation. Delivering service with a smile and eye contact will allow your customers to feel that you truly care. It shows in your voice and how you carry yourself.
  • Personal Touches. Using individual names in the serving line with a thank you is appreciated. Students like to go to lunch — it’s a break from the classroom. They want to feel welcomed! Even if you mispronounce their name, they will let you know, and the next day you can ask if you said it correctly.
  • Bottom line. School nutrition workers want students to be happy and have a good experience in the cafeteria, and they should truly care about those they are serving.

The presentation for this and all of the #ANC17 Education Sessions are available on the  School Nutrition Association’s website. Click to view the presentation, “Developing a Customer Service-Oriented Team.”