Managing Food Safety in Meals Plus Cafeteria Software

As you may know, December is Worldwide Food Safety Month – a unique opportunity to raise awareness of food allergies inside and outside of schools. With all the buzz around increasing awareness and ensuring food safety in school cafeterias, it poses a question; is your school lunch POS software equipped to alert cashiers of students’ food allergies and other limitations?

Meals Plus understands the importance of ensuring student health and safety and wants to make sure you get all the safeguards you and your students need. Meals Plus school POS system provides a number of features associated with food allergies:

  • Custom messages for cafeteria cashiers
  • Bold pop-up alerts of food allergies for individual  students
  • ‘Prohibited’ item settings
  • Special Messages
  • Custom Allergen set-up
  • Student allergy reports

It’s another way we’re keeping the lunchlines moving…safely.


Food Allergy Awareness Week

In an effort to increase awareness and educate the public about the dangers of food allergies, The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network sponsors Food Allergy Awareness Week once a year. This year it falls on May 13-19 and we would like to take the opportunity to show you how our cafeteria software system helps you ensure the health and safety of students with food allergies.

Features include: custom messages for your cafeteria cashiers, “Prohibited” item settings, Allergy Reports and more. To see them all for yourself, click below!

For more information on how Meals Plus can help your cafeteria staff safely serve students with food allergies, contact us today!

For helpful resources, including brochures, posters and presentations you can make at your school, click here.