Meatless Monday with Meals Plus

Meatless Monday is an easy way to come together as a school community to help the planet, and promote healthy eating habits. Over the last 3 years, Meals Plus has collaborated with school cafeterias across the county, and compiled the most popular recipes, while still meeting USDA meal pattern regulations. Among these popular recipes are meat-free options that can be found in every free Customer compiled Cookbook in our White Paper Library.

Download a meatless recipe today!

The Bistro Egg Sandwich2015 Customer Cookbook

Pizza Soup – 2016 Customer Cookbook

Mushroom, Cheese and Black Bean Enchilada – 2017 Customer Cookbook



The Meals Plus Team Goes to #ANC17: “You Can Be an Effective Public Speaker”

The Meals Plus Team got the most out of #ANC17 in Hotlanta last month by venturing outside of the Exhibit Hall! We each attended an Education Session to learn how we can help keep your lunchlines moving. This gave us a new appreciation for everything child nutrition professionals do to feed our nation’s children.

Julia Barnette, Product Analyst for Meals Plus, attended the “You Can Be an Effective Public Speaker” Education Session, and these were her favorite takeaways from the session:

  • Organize your presentation. Develop a structure that allows you to frame your 
    objective — cover all relevant material and transition smoothly from topic to topic. Finish strong and look organized. If you don’t look organized, people won’t think you are!
  • Keep an effective structure. Make sure you actually tell your audience what you intend to tell them. Keep it short, relevant and focused.
  • Wrapping up your presentation. Refer back to your introduction and summarize; leave your audience with an idea or purpose; avoid the worst ending to a presentation: “Does anyone have any questions?”
  • Ways to alienate yourself from the audience. Talking about yourself and avoiding contact; not smiling or reading your entire presentation; and using inappropriate sarcasm or humor.
  • The average adult only has an attention span of 30-45 seconds. You must keep your audience entertained!
  • Keys to connecting. Speak to the interest of your audience and make sure to tell stories for use of examples; make eye contact and use names often; and use humor to get the audience involved.

The presentation for this and all of the #ANC17 Education Sessions are available on the  School Nutrition Association’s website. Click to view the presentation, “You Can Be an Effective Public Speaker.